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RFP for Leadership and Advocacy Training by Self-Advocates


Request for Proposals for Leadership Training by Self-Advocates Grant Project

The Texas Council for Developmental Disabilities (TCDD) issued a Request for Proposals (RFP) to fund one local self-advocacy organization to provide leadership development and advocacy skills training. Self-advocates will take the lead and conduct the training. People who participate in the training will become active in creating change in their communities. The deadline to submit a proposal is August 30, 2017.

TCDD’s state plan includes objectives to provide leadership and advocacy skills training so people can create systems change. Providing this type of training to self-advocates promotes:

  • personal independence,
  • self-determination, and
  • greater inclusion in community life for people with disabilities.

TCDD has funded multiple statewide and local leadership and advocacy skills training projects. This RFP supports self-advocacy organizations at the local level to build on their community activities.

About the RFP
TCDD will fund one local self-advocacy organization for up to five years to provide leadership development and advocacy skills training. Self-advocates must take the lead and conduct the training, but training participants may include:

  • individuals with disabilities,
  • students with developmental disabilities (DD),
  • individuals living in institutions,
  • family members of people with disabilities, and
  • other interested community members who do not fall into any of these categories.

TCDD expects training participants to become active in creating change to improve the lives of people with disabilities in their communities. Training participants will also be expected to advocate for policies and procedures that support people with DD and their families to have control over their own lives and to be fully included in their communities. This project is also intended to support self-advocates to develop their skills, participate in local self-advocacy groups and partnerships, and become more visible leaders in their communities.

Priority will be given to proposals that:

  • are responsive to the different cultural values and customs that exist in Texas,
  • include geographically, racially, and linguistically diverse groups of self-advocates, and/or
  • are from organizations located in rural and/or underserved areas of the state.

Applicants are limited to local self-advocacy groups and organizations, although another organization may apply and manage the project’s funding if the self-advocacy group is not able to receive and disburse funds.

Grant Funds Available
TCDD may award one organization a maximum of $75,000 per year for up to five years. Funding for the second through fifth years is not automatic.

Key Dates
Proposals are due to TCDD by 5 p.m. Central Standard Time on Wednesday, August 30, 2017. Late proposals will not be accepted. TCDD will notify applicants about decisions within 30 days following TCDD’s November 2017 Council Meeting. The earliest expected project start date is January 1, 2018 (this date may change).

More Information and Submitting a Proposal
For more information, the complete RFP is available on the Notice of Funds Available 2017-3 Leadership and Advocacy Training by Local Self-Advocacy Organizations webpage on the DD Suite website. Proposals for this RFP and all forms must be submitted using DD Suite.

If you have questions after reviewing the complete RFP, email Danny Fikac, Planning Specialist, or call him at 512–437–5415.