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Employment Bill Tracking

The bills below could impact employment and higher education for people with disabilities in Texas.


Employment Bills (Telicon Report 5/24/2017)
HB 1527Ron SimmonsRelating to the consideration of ownership interests of certain persons with disabilities in determining whether a business is a historically underutilized business for purposes of state contracting.
no datano dataRemarks: Would expand the definition of historically underutilized business for purposes of state contracting to include persons with a disability.
no datano dataLast Action: 05-03-17 H Reported favorably from committee on House State Affairs
HB 2409John RaneyRelating to wage requirements for community rehabilitation programs participating in the purchasing from people with disabilities program.
no datano dataRemarks: Would prohibit contractors who participate in the purchasing from people with disabilities program from paying subminimum wage to people with disabilities; substitute would extend TWC timeline and allow people to transfer to other contractors.
no datano dataLast Action: 05-12-17 S Referred to Senate Committee on Senate Natural Resources and Economic Development
HB 2732Eddie Lucio IIIRelating to competitive and integrated employment of persons with disabilities.
no datano dataRemarks: Would require a plan to end use of state funds for purchasing services and goods from employers of people with disabilities in subminimum wage settings by September 1, 2024. Would require a report about employers who pay people with disabilities minimum wage or higher but less than the prevailing wage by September 1, 2018. Would require TWC to develop individual employment plans for people employed in subminimum wage settings updated at least annually.
no datano dataLast Action: 03-29-17 H Introduced and referred to committee on House Business and Industry
HB 4096Stephanie KlickRelating to improving the care of, and increasing opportunities for, children and adolescents with physical and developmental disabilities.
no datano dataRemarks: Would require TEA and all HHS agencies, including managed care organizations, to promote information about and access to ABLE and other savings accounts for children with physical and developmental disabilities, including training for staff across all programs.
no datano dataLast Action: 04-03-17 H Introduced and referred to committee on House Human Services
SB 455Judith ZaffiriniRelating to the operations of the Employment-First Task Force.
no datano dataRemarks: Would continue the Employment First Task Force (EFTF) until September 1, 2021, and change membership to reflect reorganization of HHS agencies. Would require EFTF to meet at least quarterly and provide guidance and assistance to a state agency implementing its recommendations for policy, procedure, and rule changes.
no datano dataLast Action: 05-23-17 H Failed to pass to third reading (Vote: N: 82/Y: 65)
SB 1111Jose RodriguezRelating to the employment of certain persons with disabilities.
no datano dataRemarks: Would require individuals with disabilities who are eligible for supported employment to be given preference in employment by state agencies and other political subdivisions over others who do not have greater qualifications. Would allow positions to be designated for people entitled to such employment preference without posting the position.
no datano dataLast Action: 03-07-17 S Introduced and referred to committee on Senate Business and Commerce
SB 2027Jose RodriguezRelating to a study to evaluate by region training and employment opportunities in this state for individuals with an intellectual disability.
no datano dataRemarks: Would require HHSC and TWC to inventory occupational training programs for people with intellectual disabilities by region, with report due by December 1, 2018, that determines where programs need improvement or expansion and develop strategies to place trainees in fulfilling jobs.
no datano dataLast Action: 05-19-17 G Sent to the Governor