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State Supported Living Centers Bill Tracking

The bills below could impact State Supported Living Centers that provide services to people with disabilities in Texas.

State Supported Living Centers

State Supported Living Centers Bills (Telicon Report 2/28/2017)
HB 1153Sarah DavisRelating to the offense involving the carrying of handguns by license holders on the premises of state hospitals and state supported living centers.
no datano dataRemarks: Would prohibit concealed handguns at state hospitals, nursing facilities, and State Supported Living Centers, unless the concealed handgun license holder has written authorization from the administration of the hospital, facility, or center.
no datano dataHistory: 2/21/17 H Introduced and referred to committee on House Public Health
HB 1932Rose, ToniRelating to compensation received by state employees working in certain high injury risk positions.
no datano dataRemarks: Would replace the term hazardous duty" with "high injury risk" and make state supporting living center employees and state hospital employees (if the employee is in direct contact with patients for more than 50% of the time) eligible for “high injury risk” pay and benefits. "
no datano dataHistory: 2/15/17 H Filed
SB 546Lois KolkhorstRelating to the quality of water provided by public drinking water supply systems to state supported living centers.
no datano dataRemarks: Would require DADS/HHSC and the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality to develop a water monitoring strategy including education materials for residents and staff. Would require a review of public notification procedures, sampling protocols, and remediation activities. Would also require on-site evaluation of sampling and inspections.
no datano dataHistory: 2/8/17 S Introduced and referred to committee on Senate Agriculture, Water, and Rural Affairs
SB 547Lois KolkhorstRelating to creation of a schedule of support services a state supported living center may provide and procedures for establishing applicable fees for those services.
no datano dataRemarks: Would require HHSC to establish a process for SSLCs to be paid for services provided to people in community based services. Also would allow SSLCs to charge managed care organizations a different rate than the rate established by HHSC.
no datano dataHistory: 2/8/2017 S Introduced and referred to committee on Senate Health and Human Services
SB 602Hinojosa, ChuyRelating to the establishment of a restructuring commission to evaluate each state supported living center.
no datano dataRemarks: Would establish an SSLC restructuring commission to determine up to five SSLCs for closure or consolidation by 2027.
no datano dataHistory: 2/13/17 S Introduced and referred to committee on Senate Health and Human Services
SB 1050Watson, KirkRelating to the sale of real property on which a state supported living center is located.
no datano dataRemarks: Would require, in the event of the sale of an SSLC, that the city or county in which the SSLC is located has the priority opportunity to purchase the SSLC property. This does not give the city or county priority over the state agency purchasing the SSLC property.
no datano dataHistory: 2/23/17 S Filed