Public Policy Priorities

The mission of the Texas Council for Developmental Disabilities is to create change so that all people with disabilities are fully included in their communities and exercise control over their own lives.

Long-Term Services and Supports:

Improve the system of long-term services and supports to ensure the availability, timeliness and quality of community-based services and supports for individuals with developmental disabilities throughout the lifespan with an emphasis on providing services in integrated, community settings thereby reducing reliance on the need for institutional services.


Improve the system of employment services and income supports for individuals with developmental disabilities, including programs that help individuals develop assets and resources and help students with disabilities transition from school to work, by maximizing federal opportunities.


Protect the right of students with disabilities to an appropriate, inclusive, publicly-funded education that provides preparation for life’s transitions, supports opportunities for full participation and eliminates the use of inappropriate disciplinary alternatives throughout the educational spectrum — from early education programs to post-secondary schooling.

Guardianship Reform and Supported Decision-Making:

Protect and promote the civil rights and well-being of people with developmental disabilities by improving access to alternatives to guardianship and supported decision-making, and advancing protections and rights for those for whom guardianship is found to be the least restrictive alternative.

Approved August 2016

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