Side-By-Side Texas Toolkit

Side-By-Side Texas


If you are in a position to raise awareness about Side-By-Side Texas so more people participate in the campaign, the Side-By-Side Toolkit is for you!

This toolkit has what you need to spread the word about the campaign and to raise awareness about the importance of inclusion of people with and without disabilities in community life. The toolkit could be utilized by someone who:

  • owns a business,
  • manages a nonprofit organization,
  • teaches in an inclusive classroom,
  • works for a government agency,
  • coordinates a volunteer program,
  • etc.

Please use the tools below to let people in your network know about Side-By-Side Texas. When possible, just copy the text on this page and paste it in the communication tool of your choice. If you need help with any of the tools, or if you have an idea for a new tool, contact Joshua Ryf at (512) 437-5441 or email

Social Media Banners

Give your Facebook or Twitter webpage a Side-By-Side Texas feel during the month of March! Just download one of the social media banners below and add it to your social media website.

Sample Newsletter Content

Get Involved in #SideBySideTX

Side-By-Side Texas is a social media campaign conducted during Developmental Disabilities Awareness Month (March) to raise awareness about the importance of inclusion for people of all abilities. All over Texas, people with and without disabilities make contributions to their communities, participate in meaningful employment, and have fun together — side-by-side. To get involved in the campaign, just take a photo or record a short video of people with and without disabilities participating in community life side-by-side. Then, add the photo or video to your favorite social media website, include the hashtag #SideBySideTX, and share your post with the people in your network. To learn more about the campaign, including other ways to get involved, visit the Side-By-Side Texas webpage

Side-By-Side Texas Flyer

You can download and print the #SideBySideTX Flyer PDF to handout at events, post on a bulletin board, and more.